Engineering Consultancy for the pharmaceutical process industry

Consultancy & Project Management
Design, Engineering & Validation for
the Pharmaceutical Process Industry

R&D and large scale plants for biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, and facilities for manufacturing of sterile dosage forms.

  • Upstream, bioseparation, and downstream processing,
  • cleaning and sterilization, sterile drug formulation, and aseptic fill & finish incl. lyophilization,
  • inspection, labeling & packaging, and pharma logistics,
  • clean media utilities,
  • HVAC and clean room technology,
  • Automation & Control.

Process [.-ING] is a leading German engineering & consultancy provider with 20 years of experience based on more than 200 industrial projects handling customer’s volume of investments of much more than 500 Million Euro (TIC).

  • Quality, technology, and HR consultancy,
  • project management,
  • design, engineering and validation services

as service arrangements and work & service contracts up until general planning responsibility (EPCMV).

Core competencies: Professional process engineering services with a high degree of engineering education and operation of a network of more than 100 specialists.

Picture Credit: IDT Biologika (Riems) GmbH & Co. KG