Success is made by people...

Each project in the pharmaceutical process industry requires specific structural and procedural approaches. Assignment of the right team with experience and a high degree of process engineering education doing the right action at the right time is the key to success in quality, budget and schedule.

Committed, focused and disciplined

Process [.-ING] is a leading German engineering & consultancy provider with over 20 years of experience based on more than 200 industrial projects handling customer’s volume of investments of much more than 500 Million Euro (TIC).

Challenging projects and customer relationships going beyond the completion of engineering, procurement & construction management and validation responsibility. In addition [.-ING] is quietly pleased to support almost all well-known pharmaceutical companies and even the government with technology and management consulting. [.-ING]’s managing partners are renowned Qualified Consulting Experts for Process & Chemical Engineering, Building Services, as well as university lecturers for Process Optimization, Biotechnology, and Bioprocess Engineering.

Picture Credit: IDT Biologika (Riems) GmbH & Co. KG