Scatter Acorns that Oaks may grow...

(Arthur D. Little, 1886-1953)

When Fresenius University and MIT were founded more than 150 years ago, they adopted a novel approach for higher learning of chemistry and chemical engineering. It combined theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning and emphasized research and teaching equally. Many entrepreneurial personalities like von Brüning, Behring, Leverkus, Merck, as well as A. D. Little, who went on to establish the first technology and management consulting firm, have emerged from this concept.

In close cooperation with Fresenius University [.-ING] has founded the M.Sc. Executive Initiative and a Post-Graduate Program. Both initiatives enable high-performing and committed students to participate in accompanying courses of studies and Master Classes.

[.-ING] BiochemPE Master Classes are compiled to a professional blend of competencies, skills, and abilities carefully designed and selected in partial fulfillment with:

German Council of Science and Humanities;

Amended law of German „Ingenieurgesetz“ reflecting the current position papers of VDI, the national chambers of engineers, and associations of consulting engineers;

Current EU and FDA GMP regulatory, ICH Guidelines, and ZLG recommendations as written in Aide Memoires;

DIN-EN standards applicable in process engineering, building services, and project & quality management;

Grade Project Management Professional (U.S. Project Management Institute) and Lean management six sigma blackbelt;

Qualification profile „Qualified person“ with regard to EU directive (2001/83/EG) under consideration of VFA position papers.

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