Mens et Manus...

The slogan „Mens et Manus“ (Latin for mind and hand) is reflecting [.-ING]‘s ideal of synergy between specialized competencies, methodological expertise, professional leadership skills, and industrial practice. The graduate curriculum "Course X" and its corresponding Master Classes are devoted to the advancement of committed and ingenious leaders innovating the future of the pharmaceutical process industry.

Bachelor of Science and what next?

More than 18,000 programs are providing bachelor and master degrees,
but what is the profession behind it?

It is a long way from the discovery of a pharmaceutical relevant substance or the development of a promising biotech process to market launch and manufacturing of an approved pharmaceutical dosage form. [.-ING]’s graduate program is designed to meet the qualification requirements of the pharmaceutical process industry.

[.-ING] BiochemPE is a non-profit Engineering Consulting School and institute funded by experienced unselfish and independent consulting engineers, dedicated to promote higher education of technology experts as well as research on development clusters contributing to smart & high hygienic factories of the future.

[.-ING]‘s roots go back to Sulzer AG which was founded in 1834 by the Sulzer brothers as innovators of industrial building services. Inspired by the „Course X“ idea (MIT Department of ChemE & MIT Sloan) [.-ING] BiochemPE cooperates with Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences - School of Chemistry, Biology & Pharmacy, founded 1848 by Carl Remigius Fresenius.